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May Lee
Mentor, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Educator, Inspirer, Motivator, Visionary Leader Global

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May Lee 

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14 Things About Health and Business Inspiring  Books May Lee as Author #57

Cancers Miracle Healing Natural Preventions Home Cures Kitchen Remedies Expose

Inside Book Success Stories of Cancer Survivors who Surpassed Stage 4 Terminal Cancers with 3 to 6 Months to Live! Still Alive, 41 Years Cancer FREE! 

When Doctors Tell You Only have 3 to 6 Months to Live After Chemo, Cobalt and Radiation Treatments or Just Enjoy Your Remaining Time Left, You can Survive Beyond Many Long Years and Well Again with Your Will Power to Live Replete with Natural Healing Miracles Right in Your Own Home Kitchen! Learn the Complete Transformation Cancer Miracle Healing and Cures in Your Own Eating Habits! Know Cancer Preventions to Safeguard and Protect Your Families Stay Always Healthy! 

Inside Book Success Stories of Cancer Survivors Who Superseded Way Beyond Their Limited Short Time Life Terminal Stage 4 Cancers into Regaining Back a Prolong Healthy Life Span for Many Long Years Like Over 15 to 41 Years More from Dying Cancer Victims, Cancer Sufferers to Cancer Free for Life! No Chemo! No Cobalt! No Radiation Treatments! Miraculously Healed and Cured! Still Alive Up to Now and Completely Restored Their Good Health Again! 


Most Effective Common Illnesses Healed Natural Cures Home Remedies Revealed

Global Ailments Home Cures and Remedies Inspiration! Biggest Secrets Exposed! Pharmaceutical Giants and Doctors Don’t Want You to Know! World’s Best Guide Book Your Kitchen Bible Every Home Must Own and Every Family Must Read Worldwide!


Retire Rich Overseas, Living Big Abroad for Less

Live and Enjoy the Good Life for Less Expenses! Invest the Rest for More Money! Comprehensive World’s Best Top 16 Countries to Visit or Live and Retire! International Travel and Tour Luxury Living Guide!


Paradise Islands Panoramic Images World Travel Picture Book

Amazing Mind Blowing World’s Best Places to Fly Now and Dive! See More in Details and Descriptions Inside Book! 


Learn How to Bank Money with Pictures

United States Shares World Info Inspires Global Motivation


How to Start a Successful Business Online and Grow Rich

Global Success Stories of Successful Entrepreneurs Who Rise from Scratch Humble Beginnings to Big Business Industries from Ground Up to Millions Turn Billions


How Warren Buffett is Recognized Legendary King of Stocks Rank #3 World’s Richest Billionaire 

Global Inspiration of Learning to Work as a Young Child and Invest His Income into Stocks Enables Him Built Real Riches through Time with Hard Work and Compounding Value of Money


Fun Writing for Lucrative Living Learn How

Big Money Sustainable Income with Business Writing Online Global Market Motivation!


Financial Health to Wealth: Road to Prosperity and Success

True Success Stories of Real People Who Rise from Poverty to Wealthy Millionaires Turn Billionaires! Work Smarter! Retire Earlier! Live Wealthier!


Tasty Bites World’s Best Sizzling Shrimp Recipes

Melt in Your Mouth Dinners the Best of Shrimps World Food Cooking Inspiration


How Oprah Winfrey Rises from Bottom to Top World’s Most Successful American Woman Billionaire 

A Global Message of Hope, Motivation and Inspiration that Anyone Can Shine from Ground Up with Courage, Passion, Hard Work and Self-Determination


How Abraham Lincoln Conquered Numerous Defeats into Biggest Success

A Global Motivation that Behind Many Failures Can Turn into Greatest Achievements with Right Attitude


How Donald Trump Triumphantly Created Global Multi-Billion Dollar Real Estate Empire

A World Inspiration Your Greatest Source of Knowledge Investments!


How Bill Gates Earns World’s #1 Richest Billionaire Recognition

A Global Inspiration for All Next Generations Successors!


More Inspiring Books are Coming Soon!

Keep Checking Constantly for More News Books!


May Lee

United States


3 retire rich overseas living big abroad for less 57

May Lee Envisions Her Global Mission is to Help YOU Succeed in Life, Business and Career Professionally!
Grow Your Wealth Investments! Live Healthy Life!
Rise from Bottom to Top! Transform Lives for Good!
Grow from Ground Up! Ordinary Lives to Extraordinary Millionaires Turn Billionaires!



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May Lee





 May Lee
World's Best Selling AUTHOR of
340+ Books on Health and Wealth Investments GLOBAL!

Mind Blowing World Billionaires World Millionaires Global Millionaires Excellent High Products Most Expensive Top LUXURY Brands Worldwide

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