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Development Programs

Mission to Achieve Vision


 Equality between the Rich and the Poor as Equal Partners to Human, Community and Global Developments.


Committed to Actively Involve the Rich in Providing Development Programs for the Poor that are All Geared towards Improving the Quality of Life, Education Opportunities, Livelihood Stability, Standards of Living and Healthy Surrounding Environments through Sustainable Human, Community and Global Development Program Initiatives. supports Human, Community and Global Developments geared towards a Noble Endeavor for a Worthy Good Cause



Priority Given to Development Programs that help benefit the neediest orphan, abandoned and neglected children, domestic violence abused and exploited women extreme worst victims, and poorest families worldwide!


Please Generously Contribute MORE to Support these Development Initiatives for Human, Community, and Global Developments Right Here! Beneficiaries will be Forever Grateful for All Your Valuable Contributions!


Neediest Orphan, Abandoned and Neglected Children

 neediest orphan children




 Domestic Violence Abused and Exploited Women Extreme Worst Victims

 domestic violence women extreme worst victims




Poorest Families

 poorest families




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